There are ways to help the Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum.


Become a Member  Membership and Special Donation Form >>

Sponsorships are available for exhibits, newsletters and special events.  Your generous donation can help us thrive. 


 Donate historic photos and artifacts  The LPHS is always looking to add to its museum. Check your closets, spare rooms and garages.  You may have something for us to treasure.


Amazon Smile Program 

       Sign up is simple.  If you have an Amazon account already, everything remains the same.


            Step One:    Open

            Step Two:    Where it asks you which non-profit, type in Litchfield Park Historical Society – then click Select.

            Step Three:  Replace your Amazon bookmark with an AmazonSmile bookmark.  Now you will always open to AmazonSmile.

            Step Four:    We would be grateful if you would pass this information to your family members and friends so that they can help us too.

            Step Five:     Go shopping.

              The LPHS will receive a percentage of certain purchases – just like the cash-back rebates on credit cards. 


Donate a Vehicle Program

 Donate your unwanted vehicle and receive a TAX DEDUCTION RECEIPT.

 Help support the Litchfield Park Historical Society and MUSEUM  by donating your unwanted Car, Truck, Trailer, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Off-Road Vehicle or Heavy Equipment.  Running or Not!   The Historical Society in conjunction with CARS™ will sell your vehicle and YOU will receive a tax deduction receipt.

 To get started, just click on:   Donate a Vehicle


Link to Donation FormLink to Donation Form


Or call CARS™ at 844-569-GIVE (844-569-4483) and tell them you want to support the Litchfield Park Historical Society.   

Who tows my old vehicle away?   All vehicles donated to the LPHS are picked up by our vehicle donation service partner, CARS™.  A small percentage of the proceeds goes to CARS™ as a well-earned fee for towing, providing auction services and processing paperwork. 

How is the DMV notified?  We recommend you contact the DMV to let them know the vehicle is being donated.

Can I keep my license plates? Absolutely.

How do I claim the vehicle donation on my taxes?  CARS™ will provide an acknowledgement letter with proof of your donation.  Vehicles sold for more than $500 will require the donor's Social Security number on IRS from 1098-C in order to receive the full tax benefit.  Individual tax situations vary, so please check with a tax professional to determine how you may benefit.

 Turning Cars into CareTurning Cars into Care


  Do you have empty aluminum cans?  

The LPHS will recycle them for you.  Leave them at the garage door of 610 North Old Litchfield Road, Litchfield Park.  The money realized from their recycling will help the LPHS pay its utility bills. 


We thank you for your continued support of our museum.

The Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum is an official IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and membership dues and other donations are tax deductible for persons who itemize.